About Us

Stik has tradition.

The platform was born 2006 - founded and invented by Philipp Haselböck – on the Kremser property market. The reason for this was the great real estate offer for students on the one hand and the low communication ability of students on the other. Thus, the former IMC Krems student has developed a platform that easily allows students to get an overview of the current real estate offers for students. And the owners could reach the students easily.

With the great support of the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems, Stik became a student platform par excellence. After Philipp Haselböck has finished his studies, an additional local contact was sought. Since then, Marlies Müller - also former IMC student – became part of the team and is responsible for on-site support.

Stik has been refined again and again within the 10 years, and is now a popular and traditional real estate platform for students and everyone.


Philipp Haselböck       Marlies Müller